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College Packing List 2023: 10 Dorm Room Essentials For Freshmen

> College Packing List 2023: 10 Dorm Room Essentials For Freshmen
Sadikshya Shrestha
• Updated: September 2, 2023 • 4 min read

Moving into your very own space (with a roommate) is an exciting milestone and often core memories for your college experience. The excitement is overwhelming! You’ll be on your own, meeting new people and enduring new experiences. The hardest part of it is figuring out what you need for your dorm, and you’ve probably Googled “dorm essentials” a couple times already.
As college students who have lived in the dorms already, in this checklist we go over the dorm room must haves you need for your first year and why:

1. Mattress Topper

Dorm beds can be uncomfortable. To make sure you get quality sleep (you’ll need it), make sure you get a mattress topper to make your bed more comfortable! Cooling mattress toppers are always a good choice.

2. Shower Shoes & Shower Caddy

Shower shoes are a must, especially if you’re living in a dorm hall with community bathrooms. You sure don’t want to get a case of athlete’s foot! A shower caddy makes transporting your personal shower items easier too – and can potentially keep your roommates from using your personal items.

3. Fan

To reduce discomfort and create a calm and comfortable environment for studying, a small fan is a dorm room necessity. Having a fan can assist in maintaining a nice environment, keeping you cool and focused on your academic goals whether it's a hot day or a humid evening.

4. Rug

Use an attractive rug to update your dorm room and provide comfort as well as aesthetic value. A rug serves as both a comfortable surface for your feet and a decorative part, adding a touch of your personality to the space. Choose a rug that goes well with your bedding and furnishings to make your dorm a unique place.

5. Microwave

Although navigating the freshman year hustle can be difficult, a microwave can come to your rescue. This multipurpose equipment optimizes your dining options, saving you time and money, whether you're reheating leftovers or preparing quick meals. You only need a few seconds in the microwave to get ready for your upcoming study session.

6. Mini Fridge

A mini fridge is a need for dorm rooms because it provides a special place to keep perishable foods, snacks, and beverages. Say goodbye to late-night food runs and keep your favorite treats close at hand. The convenience of owning a mini fridge guarantees that you may have a snack anytime you get hungry, keeping you energized throughout late-night study sessions.

7. Laundry Supplies

A game-changer while living in a dorm as a freshman is having the appropriate laundry supplies. Get a laundry basket so you can carry your clothes to and from the washing room with ease. To guarantee that your clothes come out clean and feeling fresh, don't forget to stock up on detergent and fabric softener. And finally, always have quarters on hand for the laundry machines. With these necessities, you'll manage laundry day and keep your outfit fresh and prepared for your college life.

8. Organization & Storage

The secret to maximizing the space in your dorm room is effective organization. To keep your belongings organized and accessible, make a purchase of desk accessories, closet organizers, and under-bed containers. Staying organized not only increases productivity but also generates relaxation.

9. Lighting

To create an adaptable and welcoming ambiance, think about combining surroundings, tasks, and decorative lighting options. For focused lighting while studying, use a desk lamp. For a creative or warm touch to your room, try string lights or a stylish floor lamp.

10. Decorations

Decorate your dorm room with items that are a reflection of your interests and personality. Posters, wall art, and framed photos all give your place a unique personality and help it feel like a true home away from home. Create a good environment that is conducive to both your professional and personal life by including aspects that inspire and motivate you.

These necessities will help you to design a dorm room that perfectly balances comfort and utility as you start your freshman year. You'll be well-equipped to handle your academic goals and create enduring memories throughout this exciting chapter of your life if you create a space that fits your requirements and personality.

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