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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "class" Instagram page?

In the past few years, it has become common for incoming college students to meet their roommates, future friends, and circles on campus through Instagram pages. The typical course of action is as follows: - Someone informally starts an account, i.e. @[CollegeName][GraduationYear] - Incoming students will direct message the page admin a bio and pictures - After some time, the page admin verifies the student's acceptance and uploads a post for them - Other incoming students, current students at the college, and others from all over the world view the page for a variety of different reasons

Why should I post through a MeetYourClass affiliated page?

As individuals who started "class" Instagram pages ourselves, the founders of MeetYourClass recognized many flaws with the "current system." Uploading an individual post can take a few minutes, leading many admins to charge for posting and often taking a few weeks to a couple of months after an incoming student submits to upload their bio. MeetYourClass has automated the posting process to class pages so, with only a few clicks, your bio can be uploaded within 1-2 days max and always for free. Additionally, after submitting through MeetYourClass, you can seamlessly upload your bio to other pages and instantly join our "people finder."

My university isn't on Meet Your Class!

Meet Your Class is always adding and supporting new universities! Unfortunately, due to limited resources we can only support so many. However, to request your college, please contact us here. Better yet, email your school administrators and ask for them to partner with us!

How can I get my organization featured?

We love to work with everyone on campus! To be discoverable, please contact us here, for more information.

I would like to delete my post/was never uploaded

If you have not been uploaded yet, you can check your position in the queue and estimated post date on the "dashboard." If you are having any technical difficulties or would like your post to be deleted, you can reach us through our contact page.

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